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Optimized ADO.NET

This article contains guidelines compiled by examining the .NET implementations of shipping .NET applications and analyzing the common performance mistakes that we found. The guidelines discuss selecting .NET objects and methods, designing .NET applications, retrieving data, and updating data.


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SQL Server 2000 Report Pack for Microsoft CRM

The SQL Server 2000 Report Pack for Microsoft CRM is a set of six Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services reports that work with the Microsoft CRM 1.2 sample database.

With the Report Pack, you have the choice of using the sample reports either as-is or as templates for designing new reports using the SQL Server Reporting Services Report Designer.


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What you need to know About Azure SQL backup


Most of DBA are coming from On-premise Database Servers they know very well How...

Social: Respecting Names


This is a non-technical post, and my opinion. If you don’t want to read...

Proud to present at this year’s VMworld 2020 conference


I’m thrilled to support and participate in this year’s VMworld 2020 conference, which is...

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SSIS DB migration from one server to other server.

By Srinivas Sista

Summary: We had migrated SSISDB from SQL Server version 11.0.6260 to SQL Server version...

Permission to view SQL jobs in SQL Server 2017

By Srinivas Sista

Hi, I'm using SQL Server 2017, I need to give developers only to view...

Offline Filegroups

By Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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