Spring into the Latest Features at the Luxemborg User Group

Additional Articles, 2018-04-23

The SQL Server Luxembourg User Group invites you to join us at our next event, in Docler Holding’s Kirchberg Offices, for two presentations covering the new features available in SQL Server 2016 and 2017:

Realtime Analytics: OLAP & OLTP in the mix with Columnstore!

Since SQL Server 2016 it is possible to have an OLTP & OLAP workload together. This can be achieved using columnstore indexes.

We will start off with a brief history on how the columnstore indexes evolved in the different SQL Server versions. Then we will take a deepdive on how the columnstore works, explaining what a delta store is, how delete and update operations work, what batch mode processing is, what the different kind of segments are & how to maintain your columnstore indexes.

We will conclude by showing you how to combine OLTP & OLAP workload on a database as seen in the field. Showing you issues you might face & how to make it fit for your environment

Stijn Wynants: https://kohera.be/blog/author/stijn-wynants/

SQL Operations Studio and Docker

Let’s have some fun with SQL operations Studio, containers and a possibly bit of Linux!

A lot of interesting stuff is happening lately. We’ve got a brand new open source tool for connecting to our beloved SQL Server from any platform we want: Linux, Mac, Windows, … This tool is the SQL Operations Studio.

Frederik Bogaerts will give you an introduction to the tool and show you its full potential. And yes, he promises to make a connection from a Linux OS… What did you expect?

Frederik Bogaerts: https://kohera.be/blog/author/frederik-bogaerts/

Docler Holding have kindly offered to provide refreshments, so the evening will be rounded off with an informal opportunity for members to meet each other and to discuss the topics raised.

This event is free to all registered attendees.

Register via: https://sqlserver-luxembourg.eventbrite.com

or email to: john.marsh@sql.lu


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