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2002 SQL Server Best of Breed Product Nominations

Welcome to the first SQL Server Best of Breed Product Awards. These awards allow you to reward the products that you feel are the best in the SQL Server industry. These awards are user nominated and users vote for the winners.

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Maintenance Plans - Backups and Removing Old Files

Andy has written several good articles for us on maintenance plans - including some stuff that makes us a little more likely to use them! This week he talks about how and when old backups are removed by maintenance plans. A page turner! Well, it's only one page, but you know what we mean!

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Auto-Audit 2.0 Release Announcement

LockwoodTech announces release of Auto-Audit 2.0, an entirely redesigned upgrade to it's popular SQL Auditing tool. Version 2.0 supports plug-in, customized audit architectures, scriptable trigger templates, a trigger and data management module, real data reports, and online analysis of audit data with grouping analysis.


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New Pluralsight Course - Certified Kubernetes Administrator - Performing Cluster Version Upgrades


We’re working through the major refresh of my Certified Kubernetes Administrator series at Pluralsight! The...

What I actually do at Microsoft


I started working at Microsoft in January 2022. I enjoy it. I even wrote...

Talkie - a simple, private, responsive interface for LLMs


Watch this video on YouTube I like using ChatGPT. But I don't like the $20/month...

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logshipping is out of synch need to debug

By anoop.mig29

Hi We have logshipping which get out of synch in night due to purging...

large transaction log backups

By vsamantha35

Hi All. From last 4-5 days we are seeing log backup file sizes increased...

Operator Precedence Order

By Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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Operator Precedence Order

What is the correct order of operator precedence from highest (evaluated first) to lowest?

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