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How to Create a Power BI report using MySQL data



In this article, we will learn to create a Power BI report using MySQL data. The article will teach us to use the MySQL Workbench (something like the SSMS, but for MySQL). We will do the following in this article.

  1. First, we will connect and create a database in MySQL.
  2. Secondly, we will create a schema (database).
  3. Thirdly we will create and import data into a MySQL table.
  4. Also, we will connect to Power BI and load data from MySQL.
  5. Finally, we will create a Power BI report using MySQL data.


  1. First, you need to install MySQL on your Windows Machine. This tutorial is oriented to Windows environments make sure to install the MySQL Workbench which is included in the installer.
  2. Finally, you need to have Power BI Desktop installed.

Create a database in MySQL

First, open the MySQL Workbench and press the + icon to open a new connection.

add mysql connection

Secondly, write a connection name of your preference, write the root password, and press OK. The root password is set during the MySQL installation.

connection port username used

Thirdly, the software will ask you for the root password. Write a password and press OK.

mysql root password

Finally, you will be connected to MySQL using Workbench

workbench mysql

Create a schema (database) in MySQL

Now, create a new MySQL schema. First, go to the Schema tab.

Workbench navigator

Secondly, right-click and select the Create Schema option

Create schema mysql

Finally, write a name for the schema. In this example our schema name is games. Press the Apply button. In MySQL the schemas and the databases are synonymous.

schema name

Create and import data into a MySQL table

To create a table, we will import data from the players.csv file. Download the file in your machine. First, right-click the Tables in the games schema and select the Table Data Import Wizard option.

Table Data Import Wizard

Secondly, press the Browse button and select the players.csv file, and press Next.

select file to import

Thirdly, select the Create new table option. Optionally, you can select the Drop table if exists if you want to delete an existing table with the same name.

Create new table

In the configure import settings, you can set the encoding and the data type (field type). In this example, we will not modify these properties. Press Next. For more information about data types, refer to this link.

Configure Import Settings

In addition, in the import data settings, press Next.

Import data

Next, in the Import Results windows press Finish.

Import results

Finally, to verify that the data was imported successfully, right-click on the player's table just created in Tables and select Select Rows – Limit 1000.

Select Rows - Limit 1000 Power BI report using MySQL - verify data

You will see a table like this one.

Connect to Power BI and load data from MySQL

Previously, we created a database with Workbench, and then we created a table with data in MySQL. Now we will connect to MySQL using Power BI.

First, open Power BI Desktop and select the Get Data option.

Power BI report using MySQL - Power BI Get Data

Secondly, in the search textbox write my to look for MySQL database, select that option and press Connect.

Power BI report using MySQL - mysql to power bi

Thirdly, in Server, write the IP of your MySQL database. In this example, we are using the localhost. Also, write the port number used by MySQL.

Power BI report using MySQL - connection properties to mysql

If you do not know the port number, in Workbench, go to the Administration tab and select the Server Status option. You will see the port number used and the hostname. By default, it is 3306.

MySQL Server Status

Also, Power BI will ask for credentials to connect. Go to the Database and use the root name and root password. The root password is set during the MySQL installation. Next, press the Connect button.

Power BI report using MySQL - root credentials

In addition, select the games.players table. You will be able to see the table’s data. Press the Load button.

Power BI report using MySQL - Select table

Create a Power BI report using MySQL data

In order to create the report, check the goals field and the lastname. Check the Clustered column chart in Visualizations.

Power BI repor t using MySQL - select fields

Finally, you will be able to see the last name of soccer players and the total goals. Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo) has more goals than Messi, Benzema is in 3rd position and Haaland is in 4th position.

Power BI repor t using MySQL - chart created A chart in Power BI


MySQL is a very popular tool and may have important information in that database. If we need to connect with Power BI to generate reports, it is not hard to connect to a MySQL Server in Windows. Also, you may need to open configure the firewall to open the 3306 port or the port used by MySQL.

As you can see, connecting to MySQL in Power BI is a straightforward process. You only need to know the port used and the root password.