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6 New Courses Published on the Redgate University

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Master the fundamentals of Redgate products with easy to follow video courses on Redgate University. This month 6 new courses have been published to help you advance your skills including courses on SQL Prompt, SQL Monitor, SQL Change Automation, SQL Compare, and Database DevOps for Oracle. All brought to you by some amazing presenters like Kendra Little, Grant Fritchey, Kathi Kellenberger and the Redgate team of experts. Start learning now!


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New: 2020 State of Database DevOps report

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Now in it’s 4th year, the State of Database DevOps report continues to deliver valuable insights. In the report, you will learn multiple tactics to improve the quality of database code deployment, whether it is by changing the type of environment used for development, enhancing your code review practices, or your change management/approval practices.

2020-02-28 (first published: )


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