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6 New Courses Published on the Redgate University

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Master the fundamentals of Redgate products with easy to follow video courses on Redgate University. This month 6 new courses have been published to help you advance your skills including courses on SQL Prompt, SQL Monitor, SQL Change Automation, SQL Compare, and Database DevOps for Oracle. All brought to you by some amazing presenters like Kendra Little, Grant Fritchey, Kathi Kellenberger and the Redgate team of experts. Start learning now!



A New Word: Ghough


ghough – n. a hollow place in your psyche that can never be filled;...

T-SQL Tuesday: Encryption and Data Protection


I have the honour of hosting this month’s T-SQL Tuesday. In case there’s any...

Parameterize your Databricks notebooks with widgets


Widgets provide a way to parameterize notebooks in Databricks. If you need to call...

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