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Script to Attach Multiple MDF

Copies mdf files located in a directory on a client and attaches them to the connected server. This is the winning solution to the contest that was presented in an article posted at!.asp. That article shows how to do the same thing using DMO. Wynn Muse is the author of this stored procedure.

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Trim Backup Files

This script runs within a DTS package. It searches the backup directory stored as a global variable in the script and trims all backup files older than some number of days. the script includes logging to the C: drive so you can trace the effects of the script. You need to create the global variables […]

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Automatic Backups

Creates the backup devices where sql server is installed, creates an error message above 50001, an alert, and an adittional job in case the scripts fails. In the first time backups all databases and then backups the logs until two days past from the last full backup. Then backups the databases again and so on. […]

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Backup Transaction Logs on all Databases

Here we go again. This is the last in my backup series that I use to do backups of the databases. As far as I know this should only kick out errors when there really is one. This stored procedure is designed to take 4 parameters @bksrv : This is the name or the IP […]

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Technical Article

Differential Backups of all Databases

This is the SP I schedule to do diff backups on the DB's that I can. I still need to add errorchecking to see if there is a full available before I do a diff. I'll add that when I get time. This stored procedure is designed to take 4 parameters @bksrv : This is […]

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Implementing Change Data Capture

I have a complex environment that uses quite a few SQL Server 2022 servers. We have a powerful SQL Server running Enterprise that hosts most of our transaction data. However, there are remote locations that run Standard, Web, Express, and Express with Advanced Services editions for local collection of data before the data is transferred to our central Enterprise Edition server. We are considering using Change Data Capture (CDC) to lower the amount of data we transfer from clients. Which editions can we implement this feature on?

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