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Script to Zip a Backup File

A handy dandy proc that can be used to zip up a backup file to location specified. Also called from a backup script to automate the compression of all backups using PKZip command line utility. Make sure pkzip is in the path and found by the shell prior to using this script.

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Script to Search SQL Error Log For a String

This script(sproc)uses xp_cmdshell from sql and FINDSTR from DOS to search the current errorlog for a specific string such as kernel or failed login. Compile this in the master db and if you do not pass an input parameter a example usage will display for you. ex: sp_dba_sqlerrorlog kernel Edward J Pochinski III

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Show Fragmentation Before and After Reindex

This will show the fragmentation and stats before and after a reindex of a specified table. Run in the context for the db that holds the table the proc will get passed and re-index. Complile in master since the master is checked first for any SP that is prefixed with SP_ and you can call […]

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SQL Server Current Activity SuperCheck

This gives a quick check of the current activity on a SQL Server. I developed this after getting continually frustrated with "Current Activity" in SQL/EM getting blocked by processes when I needed to see blocking issues on the server. It has been immensely valuable to me in quickly identifying production-stopping issues on the database. It […]

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