SQL Server 2000: New XML Features Streamline Webcast

With XML support in SQL Server 2000, you can query SQL over HTTP with a URL, bring the data down to the browser, and manipulate it on the client machine. By adding Internet Explorer 5.0 to the mix and using XSL to convert the XML to HTML, you can lighten the load on your database server. Going still one step further, by using Vector Markup Language you can even create drawings on the fly using the data from your SQL queries.


Running Express Edition in a Container–#SQLNewBlogger


Another post for me that is simple and hopefully serves as an example for...

How SQL Server stores data types: sql_variant


This post looks at a curious data type that isn’t really a data type....

Microsoft Ignite Announcements 2020


Microsoft Ignite has always announced many new products and new product features, and this year...

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