Sort of Unique

Recently Steve Jones noticed that someone wanted to use a UDF to enforce uniqueness. No big deal, right? Well this person wanted to enforce uniqueness based on some other column value. A bit of a challenge, but this article presents a couple ways to handle this.

Working with email addresses in SQL Server!

This article shows you how to design the storage for email addresses, how to validate email addresses, how to retrieve demographic information from email addresses efficiently, using computed columns and indexes. It also covers the security aspect of dealing with email addresses.


Friend of Redgate 2020


Last week I was excited to receive an email from Redgate notifying me that...

Azure Database for PostgreSQL


Having worked with Azure SQL Database and its many flavours for couple of years...

Why I Support Code Automation Tools Like ORMs


I know I’m a weirdo. I’ve always been a weirdo. When I was a...

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