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  • Reply To: Falling Over our Assumptions

    I read two pages of this thread, nodding my head in agreement, before I realized it was over ten years old.

    To this day I still find programmers who are unable...

  • Reply To: Cannot generate sspi context (sql server)

    We're setting up new servers and ran into the same issue. I spent half a day tracking this down, because there are many possible causes. In my case I was...

  • Reply To: SSIS - runaway queries after converting

    Thanks, Phil. That definitely sounds like it could be the issue.

  • RE: Integer lengths (I)

    Good one. Learned something by getting it wrong. 🙂

  • RE: Column manipulation with ALTER TABLE

    Good, deceptively simple question. I got it right, but only because I nearly always get it wrong in the real world. :blush:

  • RE: Delete Windows Service

    Good question. I'd be interested to know in what situations something like this might be necessary -- in a normal Sql Server uninstall, wouldn't this be taken care of automatically...

  • RE: SQL Jobs

    I don't usually complain about the questions, but I agree that this was very badly worded. I use output logging as part of the jobs I set up, and definitely...

  • RE: Backing up from SETUSER

    Darn, I've been waiting two weeks in the hope that I'd be able to change my answer. 🙂


    This is the first time the explanation confused me more than the question. 🙂 Thanks for the clarification, sknox!

    Nice one, Steve.

  • RE: Simple Selects

    Nice question.

  • RE: Create Table FAILED!?

    Hany Helmy (12/30/2014)

    Wow :w00t: 41% didn`t know about the "Extra comma in column list" will not prevent you from creating a table.

    I was one of them! 🙂

    Learned TWO things with...

  • RE: Execution Plan reuse

    Do I get partial credit for picking two out of three? How about picking the third, then changing my mind and deselecting it in favor of the wrong answer? 😛


  • RE: What will be the output message?

    Good question, good explanation. Thanks!

  • RE: Index Behaviour

    Stewart "Arturius" Campbell (11/21/2014)

    Methinks Gail's series of articles on Intoduction to Indexes[/url] should have been consulted...

    Very helpful, thanks for the pointer!

  • RE: Index Behaviour

    As a SQL newbie, I use the QotDs to help me learn. I may not get most of the answers right, but at least I learn something from the explanation....

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