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  • RE: Mail Fails with SQLCMD Error

    Thanks for this. I know this is an older article, but it just saved my bacon.

  • RE: Truncate Table

    Thanks for the question.

  • RE: What will happen with below code???

    Michael Riemer (6/12/2015)

    Looks easy, but need to notice the Union rather than Union ALL!!! Really need to read the question carefully...

    +1 Thanks for the great question. I noticed it was...

  • RE: Resource Governor 2014

    Stewart "Arturius" Campbell (5/7/2015)

    Good to know what can and can't be done with Resource Govenor.

    Thanks for the question, Steve

    +1 Great question Steve.

  • RE: CTE Problem Redux

    Ed Wagner (4/28/2015)

    With 87% getting it right at this point, that's encouraging. I guess I just took knowing that for granted and never gave it a second thought. ...

  • RE: Unattended installation

    It's too early. I forgot the I and got it wrong. :doze: Thanks for the question.

  • RE: Index Fragmentation

    Hany Helmy (3/11/2015)

    I am using this one a lot, thanx for the question.

    +1 Great question.

  • RE: Maximum number of databases per instance

    Thanks for the question!

  • RE: ColumnStore index

    I wasn't awake enough to realize the year. :doze: Thanks for the great question.

  • RE: Not Again!

    Thanks for the question.

  • RE: Empty TABLE

    stephen.long.1 (2/13/2015)

    Thanks, Vimal, for the nice question. I also had never contemplated removing the only column in a table.


  • RE: SSIS-Transactions

    twin.devil (2/12/2015)

    excellent question have to give a thought before answering it. Thanks for sharing

    +1 I learned something today. Thanks for the great question!

  • RE: Duplicates

    Koen Verbeeck (2/4/2015)

    Nice question, thanks Steve.

    Easy one as I use this almost daily 🙂

    +1 Thanks for the question Steve.

  • RE: Simple Selects

    Thanks for the question. Learned something new today.

  • RE: Getting Distinct

    Richard Warr (1/23/2015)

    Carlo Romagnano (1/23/2015)

    Extremely easy!

    Why do people get it wrong?

    Not everybody here is an expert. People come here to learn what, to you, may be simple.

    +1 Thanks for the...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 316 total)