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  • Koen Verbeeck

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    Very interesting question, thanks.

    Got it right with a small guess.

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  • Ed Wagner

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    Nice question. It drove me outside my comfort zone. Thanks.

  • twin.devil


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    excellent question have to give a thought before answering it. Thanks for sharing

  • Dana Medley


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    twin.devil (2/12/2015)

    excellent question have to give a thought before answering it. Thanks for sharing

    +1 I learned something today. Thanks for the great question!

    Everything is awesome!

  • ssimmons 2102


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    knew one, guessed on the other, and got it wrong. Oh well.

  • Raghavendra Mudugal


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    Thank you for the post, interesting one. (for me, the choices were obvious by practice)

    ww; Raghu
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  • RK Mandava

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    Interesting Question

  • SqlMel


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    Good question.

    Thank you.

    Mel. 😎

  • akljfhnlaflkj

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    Thanks for the question

  • Hany Helmy


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    Definitly learned somthing new today, thanks for the question.

  • vsagg85


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    Guessed One right. File system task

    Another wrong , Analysis Services Execute DDL Task.

    Well good question and another chapter in my learning bank,Thanks!!!

  • TomThomson

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    Stewart "Arturius" Campbell (2/12/2015)

    Interesting question, thanks

    Instructive references used as well

    I thought the mattmattson reference was useful and instructive, but the other two are irrelevant to the question - neither says anything at all about transactions, and that's the topic of the question.

    However, it's a nice question. It's not at all surprising (and therefor not particularly interesting) that the two task types which can't support transactions properly are one that deals with file storage not database storage and one that deals with XML not atomic values, so both pretty distant from relational theory and practise, but it is something that anyone who wants to use SSIS (whih certainly doesn't include me) needs to know.


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