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  • twin.devil


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    good question. reminded me some old thoughts 🙂



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    twin.devil (2/18/2015)

    good question. reminded me some old thoughts 🙂

  • Raghavendra Mudugal


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    Thank you for the post, good one. Memory recall, remembered doing this in SQL 2000 instance for one app_user.

    (actually it was not hard to find out the right choice - I knew it was not the permission denial on definition, never knew what that 9485 flag did so had to check on that, and the remaining one must have been correct...)

    ww; Raghu
    The first and the hardest SQL statement I have wrote- "select * from customers" - and I was happy and felt smart.


    SSC Eights!

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    Could this be a reason for preferring Count(1) over Count(*) - which is otherwise not an easy decision.

    Edit: No indeed, I misread the question.

  • Toreador


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    Surely this must be a bug?


    SSC Eights!

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  • Koen Verbeeck

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    Very interesting question, thanks.

    Need an answer? No, you need a question
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    Learned somthing new for me today, thanx!

  • Brian.Klinect

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    I learned to today that I can set permissions at the column level. Never even considered trying to do that before.

    I really liked the story that went with the question. Keep up the good storytelling!

  • Bhushan Kulkarni


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    Very interesting question

  • Dave62


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    I got it right but I don't think Steve got the answer to his question.

    Steve asked the simplest request: how many users on the website?

    I would interpret that question to mean how many users are currently logged on to the website, which is most likely not the total number of ID's in the users table. It's probably a rare occasion, if ever, that all users are logged on at the same time.


  • Dana Medley


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    Thanks for the question.

    Everything is awesome!

  • RK Mandava

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    Good one, Memory recall.

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