Mail Fails with SQLCMD Error

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  • farhana.samad

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    The Database Mail Profile that is used for the SQL server agent need to be a member of DatabaseMailUserRole in the msdb database.

  • ramya.sqlservr

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    You are right. I might have missed this point in the article - the problem here is the job worked fine when run on other databases (master,msdb etc.,) but failed only when run on user database. That's the reason it took a bit of time to narrow down the issue.

  • TheComedian


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    If your service account didn't have the permissions to access your database, wouldn't other jobs be failing as well? Or is this the only time you access this specific DB?

  • ramya.sqlservr

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    I was setting up a new server and this was the only job accessing the user database at that point of time. When I was making sure all the setup was done properly, I encountered this issue.



  • Don Shoemaker

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    I am having a new issue that is similar. However, mine appears to be unrelated to SQLAgent. My query fails when executing in SSMS. This is on a two instance install of SQL 2014, with the query working fine on Instance 1 but failing on Instance 2 . I have confirmed this on a separate dual instance installation of SQL 2014. I get "Failed to initialize sqlcmd library with error number -2147024809".


  • ramya.sqlservr

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    Are both the servers running on same service account? Could you please paste the query that is giving this error?


  • Raghavender Chavva

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    Thanks Buddy. Profiler suggestion helped me a lot. 🙂

    Thank You.

    Raghavender Chavva

  • Dana Medley


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    Thanks for this. I know this is an older article, but it just saved my bacon.

    Everything is awesome!


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    The MSSQL certification exams spend a huge amount of time explaining NUMA nodes, but they don't mention THIS!  Thank you for pointing this out.

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