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The SQL Bailout


Editor's Note: MoneyThis is all in humor and not intended to promote any political belief

President Obama was inaugurated in the US this week as the 44th President of the United States. Elected on a platform of hope, it's now his job to lead the US for the next four years, hopefully solving some of the problems we have. People hope he can turn around our economy, and many people both in and out of the US are watching carefully as he takes office. This week I've been in the UK and I was surprised how closely citizens there were following the US and how many watched the events on Tuesday. I feel fairly uninformed since I don't even know who are leaders of the UK, much less who ran in their election and here they are watching my President being sworn into office.

With all of the issues in the economy, and with all the various groups and industries calling for bailouts I was wondering where our SQL Bailout is? Can we get money for tools to allow us to monitor more servers? Ensure our backups are compressed, copied to remote disks, and couriered to safe deposit boxes? Can we find funds to keep our IT staffs employed? After all, IT in the US employs millions of people and there are plenty of layoffs occurring already in our industry.

I really don't want a bailout, and I would think that most people don't want one. They want to earn their money and achieve their success themselves, not because someone gave them money. Personally I'm not sure what the best thing for the country is either, but I did see one great comment about the crisis. There was one site that talked about the bailouts, the new administration's desire to changes things and stimulate the economy. The quote mentioned that we shouldn't be looking to stimulate this economy because it's broken. Instead we should be spending money to transform the country and improve the way things work.

I think that's what we do in IT, or should be trying to do, especially DBAs that see all the data that is available. We should not be satisfied with trying to patch things, keep them running, or make them quicker, we should be learning more, thinking about what is possible and transforming the way IT helps the business. Our goal should be to not just make processes better, but make better processes where we can.

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