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The Google Way


I've been working with Microsoft technologies for nearly two decades and I've admired how quickly the company has changed direction many times and how well they've brought new technologies ot the masses. They didn't always innovate or invent the actual technology, but they have often made it cheap and available to large groups of people.

However I've also been annoyed sometimes by how quickly they've dismissed some good technologies and pushed others. Anyone remember Blackbird and their early dismissals of the Internet?

To a large extent, it seems that they're still doing that with Google. Despite the fact that both companies attract some incredible intelligent people, it seems that Microsoft continues plodding along in it's own direction while Google is constantly seeking to push the envelope and find new ways to grow and attack markets.

The Google phone is a good example. Not that Microsoft hasn't worked on phone and speech technologies, and they've done a good job improving Windows Mobile, but it seems that they lack the excitement and drive to really succeed. Google is looking to drive it's phone to the market in many ways, including grabbing spectrum on which to provide service. Microsoft seems content to deliver a platform and hope it gains large market share.

It's like Microsoft has become Sony with the Playstation 2, and Google is the new Microsoft with it's cool XBOX and the unification of online services through XBOX Live. They've innovated a new way of driving the business instead of trying to incrementally improve the old way.

And don't get me started on Search. I'm still amazed at exactly how bad Live Search can be. As I try their search product at times, I'm still amazed at just how bad it can be. I'm almost terrified of trying to use their Search Server Express, even in testing. Maybe they are trying to innovate here, and just not doing a better job. It just seems like they constantly give me less reasons to give it a chance.

It's almost like Google is playing offense and Microsoft is playing not to lose. Which is a sure way ensure Google will come out on top.

Steve Jones

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