SQLServerCentral Editorial

The Build Book of News


Every year Microsoft has held the Build conference for developers. I've been lucky enough to go a few times, and I was hoping to get the chance to attend again. With the pandemic, the entire event went virtual, and was held across 48 continuous hours. I was slightly disappointed as a few sessions I wanted to see were early in the morning or late at night, but I am sure most of these will be available on demand later, so I can watch them if I wish.

One of the things Microsoft has done is produce a Build Book of News, a 55 page PDF book of all their announcements and changes. You can download it from Paul Andrew's blog, or you can look at the announcements online at Microsoft News.

I randomly watched Build on and off this past week, having some of the sessions in the background while doing other things. There certainly were some interesting sections, though not a lot of data platform focus, but I found a few items that you might like.

We're all remote now, or the majority of us are, and I can see that remote tools are

important. I know there has been some remote code work in Visual Studio in the past, but I didn't think many people would use it. Now in watching some of the remote code demos, I think these tools might be interesting, especially when a few people are trying to debug a crisis situation. Being able to see the code on my own machine, and seeing what others might change or think is a better (or worse) solution could be very helpful.

The mobile GitHub tools for review are getting better, and that's good. Since it's likely more of us might be in different locations, on different schedules, the ability to approve a PR could prove really helpful. Codespaces are especially interesting. Maybe not so much for databases, but maybe. I wonder if we could easily get data provisioning in here.

Azure CosmosDB is still something I want to play with, though I've been hesitant to set up a db because of cost. Serverless CosmosDB might get me to try something. I have no real excuse since they're an emulator, so maybe not. I wonder how many of you might try CosmosDB out. There are also announcements about PostgreSQL and MySQL on as PaaS services getting feature parity with SQL Server in many ways.

Lots of Synapse changes, which might be of interest to those of you with larger warehouses and looking to take advantage of the cloud offering. Quite a few AI changes as well, with Bots, speech, ML, and more. I especially liked the keynote on AI, which I think was interesting. It provides some vision of what could be possible.

Tons of developer sessions, and I'd suggest that you browse or search the sessions to see what interests you. There aren't a ton on demand as I write this, but likely more will appear this coming week. I hope the Cloud Skills Challenge will also remain up there, as I'd like to spend some time experimenting with services. If you haven't worked with the Azure services, I might give that a try and get a feel for what's possible.

Build is always interesting, and I'm not sure if I love this virtual format, but I'm glad the event was still available and once again I'm impressed with all the work Microsoft is doing to help developers build solutions.