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Stairway to AlwaysOn Crossword


See if you can solve this crossword puzzle based on the contents of the Stairway to AlwaysOn articles.

Stairway to AlwaysOn Crossword


6. A PC on the network.

7. Setup

10. You are the weakest link.

11. A set of databases that fails over together.

13. Grouped together.

16. Switch over to a secondary.

18. No commit until the secondaries are set.

20. Alpha.

21. The Domain Server's connected to the FCI. The FCI's connected to the Web Server. Etc.

22. Commit now, sync later (maybe).

24. Only planning S locks.

25. The person you are speaking to.


1. Maintain the 9s.

2. Fancy Abacus

3. [Computer Node]{2,} =

4. I belong!

5. Doorways to SQL Server.

8. It's not a heart, spade, club or diamond, but it will help you connect with others.

9. Rust

12. Marketing term that covers Availability Groups and Failover Cluster Instances

14. Majority of voters

15. Things you need to get the work done.

17. Store copies in tempdb until not needed.

19. Location on the network.

23. Asynchronous failover.



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