Dynamic SQL Crossword

, 2018-08-08

See if you can solve this crossword puzzle based on Dynamic SQL.

Dynamic SQL Crossword


2. CHAR(10)

3. Without human intervention.

6. Create.

10. Making it easier to read.

12. Single or double.

13. Trying to do too much at once.

17. a.b.______.d

18. An invitation to Bobby.

19. Not quite a colon.

20. Instructions.


1. Auto escape.

4. Get the data back out.

5. Looks like a variable.

7. Better for running Dynamic SQL than EXEC.

8. SQL inception.

9. Twice as many.

11. Little Bobble Tables.

14. Small rope.

15. Number to character.

16. Write it all out.

19. Not dynamic.






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