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The September Energy Update

I think you'll be happy to know that there are interesting people out there. One of my neighbors, maybe a couple miles away, has a windmill that I've watched run regularly as I drove my daughter to school all last year. I finally grabbed their address one day and wrote them a letter, not wanting to just walk up to their door with a list of questions. I waited patiently for a couple weeks and finally got an email.


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Free Training

I heard on Thursday a couple weeks ago that someone who had received a free admission to the PASS conference had cancelled and wasn't able to attend. It was last minute and that pretty much ruled out any chance to have a contest, so I called a friend in Denver who's a DBA and doesn't get much of a budget for training. I offered him the admission and he said he'd let me know Friday.

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Billy-yons and Billy-yons of Records

There was an article last week with a great title: The Mother of All Genealogy Databases, and so I had to take a look at it. It talks about some of the large databases on the Internet that are collection public records and linking them together to help people find out about their individual and family histories. The largest site so far, Ancestry.com, supposedly has 5 billion records.


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Three Months

That's what we were estimating the rewrite of this site would take. After all, to me it's a pretty simple site, a few content sections, some date specific stuff, scheduling, a few admin tools, not that much, right?

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Opening Day

Today is the opening day for the PASS conference here in Denver and it's kind of exciting. As many of you read this, I've hopefully gotten Simon Galbraith, owner of Red Gate software, and my boss, out here at the ranch shoveling manure. He's anxious to get on the ATV for a ride, so maybe I can work out a deal to reduce my workload 🙂

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Unethical or Just Sneaky

One of the fundamental rules of a stable, controlled production system is that you apply updates singly, after they've been tested, and you document the change. This way you can ensure that if a problem occurs, you can do some backtracking to see what might have caused instability.

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