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RE: Do you think DBA is a desirable job?

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quote: interesting, we have some similar wording in german. I know, used to live in Wien, but 'mien Deutsch ist sehr schlekt'. As is clearly demonstrated by my awful spelling, grammar Laters *I didn't do anything it just got complicated*


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RE: Replacing BCP with SQLBulkLoad

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quote: I think the BULK INSERT statement is a good substitute to bcp. From a performance perspective, it should be slightly faster. BULK INSERT runs in the memory context of SQL Server whereas bcp does not. Both of these would be faster than DTS and the described method here. K. Brian Kelley http://www.truthsolutions.com/ Author: Start […]



Hyperconverged storage tuning tip for SQL Server


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Daily Coping 25 Nov 2022


Today’s coping tip is to connect with someone from a different generation. This tip...

Snowflake Classic UI vs Snowsight


This blog post is not about which User Interface is better, Classic or Snowsight...

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