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Exploration of SQL Server 2016 Always Encrypted – Part 2

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It is important to only allow authorized individuals access to confidential data. Therefore when setting up an Always Encrypted table it is important to consider splitting configuration tasks between multiple individuals/groups to improve security. Follow Greg Larsen as he shows how to setup up SQL Server Always Encrypted tables where database administrators can’t see the clear text confidential data.


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Exploration of SQL Server 2016 Always Encrypted – Part 1

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With the introduction of SQL Server 2016 you now have a new way to encrypt columns called Always Encrypted. With Always Encrypted, data is encrypted at the application layer via ADO.NET. This means you can encrypt your confidential data with your .NET application prior to the data being sent across the network to SQL Server. In this article, Greg Larson explains his experience with exploring setting up a table that stores always encrypted data.


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The SQL Server 2016 Query Store: Overview and Architecture

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SQL Server's Query Store, introduced in SQL Server 2016, helps to troubleshoot query performance by capturing a range of information about query usage, CPU, memory consumption, I/O and execution time, and retaining every Execution Plan for analysis. Much of this information is available through queries. It looks set to be the most significant enhancement of SQL Server 2016 - Enrico van de Laar explores.


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