SQL Server 2016 Stretch Database

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  • Does anyone know what edition this is likely to be shipped with? I'm guessing enterprise, but I can live in hope that it might be the BI or Standard.


    Excuse my typos and sometimes awful grammar. My fingers work faster than my brain does.

  • My understanding too is, it will be shipped with Enterprise edition only

  • This sounds kind of useless to me. All the rules and the probability of Enterprise-only make this of little to no use at all.


  • Thank you for the article!

    Do I understand correctly that the entire table marked with REMOTE_DATA_ARCHIVE = ON will be migrated into the cloud (storage-wise)? If so, it seems the only real way to use it would be to have a "live" table and a separate "archive" table, with "live" table being local and "archive" table being in the cloud. In addition, there would need to be some sort of process moving data between the tables. Oh, and it seems the "stretching" is not supported at the individual partition level yet, which would be ideal.

  • Sounds like a great feature.

  • Nicely written:)

    While the feature looks cool, something are not clear:

    i) What is the criteria for moving the data from on-premise to cloud? Does Azure make its own decision or can we control which set of data goes in Azure?

    iii) This "Uniqueness is not enforced via UNIQUE constraints and PRIMARY KEY constraints on a Stretch-enabled table" is a big bummer i think, sounds like this is great for a denormalized schema. If i have a table with PK's,lets say part of it goes to Azure , how would i even tick & tie the records where there is no PK in Azure ?

  • As of CTP 2.x, we can not set filter on the records to be moved to Cloud. Complete table will be archived to cloud. It is expected that the RTM version will support this (as stated in Microsoft website)

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