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SQL Database: How to Configure Active Geo-Replication

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Active Geo-location is powerful magic for ensuring the high availability of a Azure SQL database, and for disaster-recovery. In choosing the best options, you need to accurately understand the value that the business places on the service you're running, long it will take for a secondary replica to be in synch with the primary replica, the importance of spreading the location of replicas widely, and the maximum tolerable unscheduled downtime. Just clicking all the options could prove to be expensive.


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List database recovery modes

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Hi list,Does anybody have an idea where SQL server keeps the information about database recovery modes (full, simple, etc) rather then looking up in EM.Maybe someone has a script to get all modes for all databases on the server.Thank you,JP


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Notify user using trigger

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On one of our databases we have a table on which data in appended whenever we have a problem in that database. Normally we check the table from time to time to look for addition of data. But I would like to create a trigger to notify a user (net send operator) on our network […]


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RE: Importing a CSV file using a DTS

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Hi,I am sorry to post my answer accidentally before I am done:(Continued)     . delete the temporary tableAll of the 4 steps above can be in one stored procedure.  If you want, you can even:-modify step #2, replace any comma by ~-create a macro in excel to convert all '~' to ',' then set it up to […]


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RE: QOD 6/17

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quote: Supplying the password in sp_change_users_login is new with SP3. I guess to be completely up to date they should have included that. Ahh... now that makes sense. Looking at an old test server I see that the SP3 changes are not there. Doesn't pay to keep things current I guess. I agree the Update_One […]


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