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Exporting Data with PowerShell

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Recently I had the need to help someone download some data from SQL Server as a part of an automated process. In this case, the person wanted to use PowerShell (PoSh), since they were performing a few other actions with PoSh as well. This article is a short tutorial on exporting data from SQL Server […]

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Export data to an earlier SQL Server version

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I have data in a SQL Server database that I need to get to an older version of SQL Server. I tried the backup and restore method, but received an error indicating that this wasn't allowed. I also tried to detach and attach the database, but that operation failed too. I understand that typical methods I use to move the database around don't work when I have to work with an earlier SQL Server version. What can I do to get the data out? This is a simple database and I want to spend a minimal amount of effort.


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