Using Multiple Active Result Sets (MARS)

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SQL Server 2005 has so many new features that in my opinion if you read only BOL for a year you'd find something new every day. One of those is Multiple Active Result Sets or MARS. Multiple Active Result Sets is a new SQL Server 2005 feature that, putting it simply, allows the user to run more than one SQL batch on an open connection at the same time.


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Adding Custom Code To Reporting Services

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Reporting Services has been greatly enhanced in SQL Server 2005 and become an integral tool in many SQL Server installations. Longtime autor Raj Vasant brings us an example of how you can enhance your reports with custom coded DLLs called from within the reporting engine.

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2008-01-15 (first published: )

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Data Driven Subscriptions for Reporting Services (2000 and 2005)

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Reporting Services has proven to be one of the more useful subsystems of SQL Server. However the standard editions of both SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 have limitations with regard to the subscription features. Jason Selberg brings us an updated version of his
code for extending the subscription feature.

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2008-01-22 (first published: )

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New T-SQL Features in SQL Server 2005 Part 2

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SQL Server 2005 has changed many of the ways in which we will use SQL Server in the future with a dizzying array of new features and enhancements. Sureshkumar Ramakrishnan brings us the second part in a series looking at what these changes do and how to use them.

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2007-11-28 (first published: )

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Source Control in SQL Server

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One of the most requested features from SQL Server developers is the integration of source control with T-SQL code. SQL Server Management Studio brings some integration with Visual Source Safe and longtime SQL Server author Raj Vasant explains it to us.

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2007-11-30 (first published: )

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