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Building a Partitioned Table

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One of the nice new features in SQL Server 2005 is the ability to partition a table based on some sort of range in the data. New author Irfan Baig brings us a short article that explains exactly how you can get started using this new feature.

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Multi-Select Parameters for Reporting Services

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Reporting Services is a very handy way to get your SQL Server 2005 data out to end users quickly. It is included with your license and provides a great development environment for reports. New author Adriaan Davel brings us a quick technique for ensuring that multi-select parameters are handled correctly.

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Table Partitioning

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One of the techniques that you can use for increasing performance, especially in large SQL Server tables, is partitioning. Andy Warren brings us an overview of what this is and how you can use it in your SQL Server 2005 applications.

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Transaction Isolation and the New Snapshot Isolation Level

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Concurrency and transaction isolation are a prickly subject, difficult to explain with any kind of clarity without boring the reader and leaving their poor brain in a complete muddle. Therefore, it is often ignored in the vain hope it won't affect us and we can forget all about it. Well you can't ignore it any more and with SQL Server 2005 there's a whole new isolation level added to the four that already exist.


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Dynamic Connection Strings in Reporting Services 2005

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Reporting Services is one of the most popular features of SQL Server 2005 and there have been a tremendous number of enhancements to this subsystem. New author Bilal Khawaja brings us a look at dynamic connection strings and how you can have one report pulling data from different servers.

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2008-04-03 (first published: )

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