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PostgreSQL 101: The ten PostgreSQL extensions you need to know about

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Extensions are a unique and powerful capability in PostgreSQL, a feature that other relational databases do not provide. Taking advantage of the extension framework in PostgreSQL is a true advantage to using the platform.

In this webinar, find out how PostgreSQL extensions can help you find solutions to some of your common problems.

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Small Changes, Big Results

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Last week I was able to attend THAT conference in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. It was my first time in the great state of cheese, and the conference lived up to its reputation. As a developer focused conference (rather than a database conference), I didn't have much expectation that my session about automating database changes would […]

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PostgreSQL 101: The journey towards PostgreSQL - tips and lessons from Grant Fritchey

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Want to hear someone else’s experience of learning PostgreSQL from scratch? Then look no further.

Grant Fritchey, Microsoft Data Platform MVP, started working with SQL Server in 1995 but more recently has needed to support and understand PostgreSQL. In this webinar, he will go on a deeper dive into the PostgreSQL database and will share top tips from his own learning journey.

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