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RE: public fixed DB role - a pain?

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I can be in control over this. So I plan to dissipate ALL public power especially after I read "lockdown script", very inspiring from read the script (that is free to download)it is interesting and lets you block the most important sp rights for public. Regards


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RE: Database can't be reached by users

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I'm the job owner. I've stopped and restarted all services several times during the day while trying to solve this. I'm going home soon (hopefully). I'm running the backups as me so I have backups working. I just need to find out why they won't run under DBO and why my one database is inaccessable […]


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RE: Output to file

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The download butkton at the bottom of the page. It's an extended proc which you "install" on SQL. The explination he gives makes it easy to use. I have used it and not had any problems. It runs under SQL so no, it is not a virus or anything harmful. If you want to dump […]



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