Using XQuery to Manage XML with SQL Server 2005

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XML is now becoming more widely used as wireless devices are becoming more secure, and new technologies such as XQuery for SQL Server 2005 are making it much easier to handle XML more efficiently at the server level. Jesse Smith gives you a crash course on XQuery methods and how you can use them in certain situations to retrieve and update XML data stored in your SQL Server 2005 database.


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Using XQuery, New Large DataTypes, and More

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SQL Server 2005 introduces a lot of new features, but it also enhances the popular and oft-used Transact-SQL (T-SQL) language. Changes include the introduction of new datatypes to store large values using the MAX indicator, the integration of enhanced XML querying and data modification with XQuery, and the new XML datatype.


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Database Design and Reference Tables

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Whether you are building SQL Server 2000 applications or getting ready for the new features in SQL Server 2005, there are many fundamental database design principals that should be followed. New author Ranga Narasimhan brings us a look at how he handles reference tables when designing a database..

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Introduction to XQuery in SQL Server 2005

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This white paper provides an introduction to various features of XQuery implemented in SQL Server 2005 such as the FLWOR statement, operators in XQuery, if-then-else construct, XML constructors, built-in XQuery functions, type casting operators, and examples of how to use each of these features. Non-supported features of XQuery in SQL Server 2005 and workarounds are described in this article. It also presents three scenarios where XQuery is useful.


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XML Simplified

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Everyone should be aware that XML is supported in SQL Server 2000 and plays an integral part of not only SQL Server 2005, but all of the Windows family. IIS metadata, web services, etc. all involve XML. But do you know what XML is and how to work with it? Author Raj Vasant brings us a basic article on what XML is and how the documents are structured.


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