Handling Simple XML Using T-SQL

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SQL Server 2000 integrates a number of features to work with XML data and SQL Server 2005 should expand upon that. However the SQL Server 2000 extensions for working with XML data in T-SQL are not that mature. New author Eli Leiba looks at how he can traverse an XML file using T-SQL code.

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Lookup Table Design

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Designing a SQL Server database is a challenging task. Making decisions about how to build tables, their relations, etc. can be a full time job for any DBA helping to build an application. Lookup tables are a part of just about every application that you work with or build a back end for. Leo Peysakhovich brings us an article on database design that deals specifically with lookup tables.

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Designing a Database with Microsoft Visio 2000

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An extremely useful tool to reverse engineer a database is Visio 2000. It also has the ability to generate a database. This generation takes place after Visio has been used to draw the tables and relationships. This process can be a huge time saver. If a database needs to be tweaked and reworked it can be done in Visio and then regenerated. This article is intended to provide a nice introduction to using Visio 2000 to generate a database.


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