Design Oversight - Preliminary Review

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We all know what the ideal application design environment is for building a database back-end: an experienced DBA takes inputs from end users and developers and creates the database design in order to support the application being developed. But in reality, we don't get the opportunity to do application design like this very often. This article covers how to quickly find and fix problems in a design.


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Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Security

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This document introduces SQL Server administrators and developers to the new security features of SQL Server 2000. In addition to outlining the new features, there is a detailed discussion about how to best implement security in a Microsoft Windows® 2000 domain environment as well as source code examples.


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The Basics of Sizing a SQL Server Database

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Sizing a database can be one of the most arduous tasks a DBA, analyst or developer must attend to. It?s time consuming and more hours go into analyzing the database than actually sizing it. This article focuses on how to monitor the database?s growth after its deployed and contains some tips on how to size it before deployment. We will also dive a little into how to benchmark your database against a robust data load.

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2008-08-01 (first published: )

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