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SQL Temporal Tables — Gotcha!!!

Hello, again reader… Today, I will discuss a gotcha I ran across with SQL Server Temporal Tables. In my day-to-day environment, we do not use Temporal Tables widely.  However,...

2022-11-21 (first published: )

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Log Shipping – Standby Mode

Hello, dear blog reader. This week’s blog is coming to you from the home office. Finally, my son is back in school, and the house has some peace. For...

2022-09-05 (first published: )

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Using a tnsnames.ora file with the Microsoft Connector for Oracle in SSIS


One of the nice things about the Microsoft Connector for Oracle is that it...

ChatGpt Experiments–Getting Documentation


I get asked questions by salespeople all the time. Usually this is because a...

A New Word: Jouska


jouska – a hypothetical conversation that you compulsively play out in your head –...

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