Cleanup Pesky SQL Error Logs

If you are like me, you inherited variously configured SQL Servers when you took over as the DBA for your company. After almost two years, I have gotten all...

2020-08-31 (first published: )

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What Agent Jobs are Running??

Do you run SQL Agent Jobs in your environment?  Do you know what is running at any given time?  Most people do not know what is currently running if...

2020-08-13 (first published: )

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sp_Blitz for All Servers

Are you a Microsoft SQL Server DBA managing one or more servers?  Then you should know about the First Responder Kit from Brent Ozar Unlimited.  This is a free...


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BBQ Time in Texas

My first go at smokin’ a brisket is documented below. It is summertime and we are stuck at home in isolation, might as well find a new hobby. I...


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OLDEST_PAGE Log Reuse Wait type

Do you frequently use the “log_reuse_wait_type_desc” column in the [crayon-5f297eff3d7ff981952735-i/]  view? Have you ever seen the type of OLDEST_PAGE? You are not the only one!! Recently I was troubleshooting...


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Removing a Deleted Column from a Data Masker Masking Set


Data Masker for SQL Server is a great tool ensuring the data you use...

Containers: A Short Rant


I find myself doing more and more work with containers. Yet, I also find...

Daily Coping 20 Sep 2021


I started to add a daily coping tip to the SQLServerCentral newsletter and to...

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Metadata-Data-Ratio in a table

By sean redmond

Hi all, My understanding about the structure of data within SQL Server is that...

Always On - why No failover occurred?

By onlo

Hi, I am using SQL 2016 (13.0.5888.11). Last Saturday (18th September), in non-office hours,...

Log Shipping Truncate Log File

By coolchaitu

Good Morning, I have read that taking a log backup truncates the log file....

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