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100 Blog Posts Milestone


Good morning dear reader, Long time no talk.

It has been a jam-packed and chaotic first half of 2023 for my family and me.

The first quarter of the year found us bouncing around DFW, watching my son play hockey.  While only seven, he has taken to the sport and enjoys playing with his team.

In March, my wife stumbled upon our “Dream House” and thus started a flurry of activity that I think is still going.  We had been casually looking for a property with a house that we loved and more space for my son to spend outside without the fear of cars hitting him or him bothering neighbors. She found a brand new house with all our must-haves and sitting on an acre of property.

We sold a house and bought a house all within 29 days.  Luckily, all the puzzle pieces fell into place, and there were no issues on either side of that process.

Then as soon as we moved in, we started the steps to build a swimming pool.  That was an experience in and of itself.  After 61 days of construction, we were swimming in our new pool on July 4th.

All of this to say, I have not had it in me to sit down and focus on blogging.  Now that the dust is settling and schedules are returning to normal, I noticed that on December 20, 2022, I posted my 100th blog post and did not realize it.

While I don’t have a popular blog, I was proud of myself for focusing and sticking with a consistent cadence of releases for five years.  That is exciting for me now that you have stopped laughing at 100 blogs in five years.  To do something for yourself that gives you an outlet for your trade is something to be proud of.

My next five years, haha, will hopefully see me posting more.  I have spent the past week getting a solid queue of drafts ready to release, and I plan to add more each week.  I still plan on focusing on SQL Server, PowerShell, and other related topics.

Have a great summer!!


Garry B

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