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T-SQL Tuesday #157 – Closing out 2022


T-SQL Tuesday

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is being hosted by ME. The subject I chose is “What are your year-end activities?”

My post for T-SQL Tuesday #157 will outline some examples of tasks I work on as the year draws to a close.

Date Dimension Tables

Several platforms in our organization each year need to add dates for the upcoming year to dimension tables. So I have a calendar reminder to perform these tasks this time of year.

Backups for CYA purposes

We have standard SQL backups to a File Share in Azure. Those backups are then backed up with settings for up to 10-year long-term retention backups. And for several mission-critical platforms, we take a separate backup on the first day of the month and put them on tape. Then, I take it one step further and take a complete backup of all production databases on the first day of the new year and a backup of all server configuration information. I then store it on an external hard drive and send that offsite for archival.

Update Third-Party Tools

In our environment, we use several third-party tools. We have sp_WhoisActive, Ola Hallengren, and the First Responder Kit on our servers. During the last week of the year, when the business is shut down and things are slow, I will deploy the latest and greatest of these tools to all the servers in the estate.


These are a few examples of my end-of-year to-do list. I am excited to see what others do during this time of year and see if anything sparks conversation or inspires additions to my list.


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