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Stairway to XML

Stairway to XML: Level 8 – Deleting Data from an XML Instance

in order to use the modify() method to delete data from typed and untyped XML instances, you must pass an XML DML expression as an argument to the method. That expression must include the delete keyword, along with an XQuery expression that defines the XML component to be deleted. Robert makes it seem simple, as usual.

Rob Sheldon


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Stairway to XML

Stairway to XML: Level 3 – Working with Typed XML

You can enforce the validation of an XML data type, variable or column by associating it with an XML Schema Collection. SQL Server validates a typed XML value against the rules defined in the schema collection so that INSERT or UPDATE operations will succeed only if the value being inserted or updated is valid as per the rules defined in the Schema Collection.

Rob Sheldon


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