Stairway to XML: Level 2 - The XML Data Type

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  • At my place of work, we frequently pass xml from our applications into stored procedures. This article is clear and concise in its description of the basics when working with XML in sql server. Very nice. I'll look forward to seeing more articles in this series.

  • Enjoyed both articles and I'm learning from them. I kind of expected a little more during this step but maybe that's just me being impatient?:-D

    I do have a curiosity right now and that's why doesn't the output contain the XML header info? I'm assuming it's all wrapped up in the XML datatype overhead...which will be a discussion for another, deeper step.

    Thanks for writing the articles. I'm looking forward to the next installment.

  • So far, so good. This much XML I get. I'm also looking forward to the future steps, 'cause it's the manipulation, mutilation, and otherwise consumption of XML in SQL that's making me nuts.

    Thank you for tackling the topic, and I look forward to more!

  • Maybe it is covered in a subsequent level, but I found when I ran the first example that the XML document returned by "SELECT @ClientList" does not include the "<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>" declaration line from the SET statement.

    Also, when I tried to set version="1.1", SQL Server didn't like that.


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