Stairway to XML: Level 5 - The XML exist() and nodes() Methods

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  • BarneyL

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    Great article, thanks.

    It appears there's a small error though, Table 1 is missing for me.

  • james.ingram

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    Both Table 1 and Table 2 appear to be missing for me.

  • timwam


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    A useful article, but I think you leap to the CROSS APPLY example with nodes a little early. I only understood this having first seen an example elsewhere that used .nodes against an xml @variable - and seeing that this in itself returns a table as its result set

  • dpatfield


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    Perfect example for .nodes. Can we take it one step further?

    Instead of concatenating First Name & Last Name, can we produce the same rowset with two columns?

    First Name

    Last Name

    So the results might read:

    ID FirstName LastName

    1 John Doe

    1 Jack Smith

    2 Bob Jones

    2 Henrietta Jones

  • Bill Talada


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    If you want separate columns for first name and last name:



    Person.query('.') AS Person,

    Person.value('FirstName[1]','varchar(20)') AS First_Name,

    Person.value('LastName[1]','varchar(20)') AS Last_Name


    ClientInfo ci


    Info_untyped.nodes('/People/Person') AS People(Person)


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