Stairway to XML: Level 4 - Querying XML Data

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    This comment truly isn't a rant and definitely not an attack on Rob, it's just that I'm failing to see where any of this is useful in my daily SQL life. So far, I'm locked into thinking like this, "We've created a mini database with a mini schema and stuffed it into a bigger database. Now, I have to use the mini database's mini query language within the bigger database's query language to get access to the data."

    Again, this is not an attack on the author, in fact, kudo's to the author for the fine level of detail and sample scripts included within this Stairway series. I just don't get what all this is for. Yes, I'm a lowly paid "IT guy" for my mini-IT role in a small sales company. Please, help me expand my mind. What would I possibly use this for? That is to say, I get what XML's usefulness is, I just don't get why SQL has a datatype and we've stuffed XML into it. 🙂

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