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The Data Breach Game: The 9 Worst IT Security Practices Joey D’Antoni shows bad...

#PowershellBasics: Get-Help -Online


One of the other things I learned from the Powershell class I’m taking this...

Undercover TV Podcast – Scripting Options in SSMS


In this episode of the podcast, Adrian looks at the scripting options available in...

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How to upgrade to SP3 with multiple named 2008R2 instances on same server

By trhorner

I have a server with two named instances of 2008 R2, SP1.  I have...

Upgrade from SP1 to SP3 on server with two named instances, run upgrade twice?

By trhorner

I have a server with 2008 R2 SP1 using two named instances.  When I...

Transactional Replication

By steve.roberts_boohoo

Hi, I've setup some publications and subscriptions today and use a backup to start...

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