Chris Kempster

Example VSS Framework - Source Code Management - Part 1

We asked Chris to put together some information on how he uses VSS, a subject that comes up a lot as we have articles and discussions that involve change management. Change management isn't easy, you definitely need a pattern to work from. This two part article gives you a pattern you can start with and customize to your needs.


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IIS 6 Map

Chris does a lot of work with IIS and based on that he put together this nice map showing how all the bits and pieces go together. No SQL here, but most of us deal with IIS so we thought it might be of interest.


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ASF 029: Tomaz Kastrun interview


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Schema Filtering in SQL Prompt


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Information Measurement with SQL Server Part 4.8: The Intersection Family of Distances


By Steve Bolton …………Each group of distance measures surveyed in this segment of the...

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