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Generate Restore DB Scripts from prev backups v1.0

Using the the MSDB backup tables, will generate the basic disk RESTORE commands for a database. It will include the Full, differential and all associated log recovery commands for you. Run the stored proc in Query Analyser then copy/alter the output to recover your DB. Great if using EE is not your cup of tea. […]


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Email using CDONTS (via smtp)

Here is a very basic example script for sending emails via CDONTS. This comes from the sqlmag web-site forum. Although fine, remember that it will use the local SMTP server to forward emails onto the destination user. If your servers smtp process can not reach an exchange/group-wise/other mail box on your network, then this code […]


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Being a Woman in the SQL Community


In celebration of Women’s History Month starting next week, I was asked to write...

Join me at SQLBits 2020


The SQLBits conference is taking place in London again this year, between March 31st...

DBA, a job, a vital job


DBA, a job, a vital job. T-SQL a language that is fun. Select, a...

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