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Dive into RDS Custom for SQL Server - Leverage your existing licenses and high availability

RDS Custom for SQL Server recently released exciting new features related to Bring Your Own Media (BYOM) and High Availability. By using BYOM, customers may leverage their existing SQL Server licenses with Amazon RDS Custom for SQL Server, when used in accordance to Microsoft terms. This allows customers who have already purchased SQL Server licenses to save on TCO/license costs, while offloading the undifferentiated heavy lifting of database management to Amazon RDS Custom. By using Multi-AZ deployment, customers can now set up high availability for their databases.


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Data Transfer from Azure Blob Storage to Snowflake Using Pipelines

One of the premises of a modern warehouse is to be able to interconnect cloud services and process and analyze data from any provider with ease. Two of the top cloud services right now are Azure Synapse and Snowflake. Whatever your organization is implementing or if you need to transfer data from/to those services, it is important to know how to interconnect them and be able to transfer data between services.


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PostgreSQL 101: The ten PostgreSQL extensions you need to know about

Extensions are a unique and powerful capability in PostgreSQL, a feature that other relational databases do not provide. Taking advantage of the extension framework in PostgreSQL is a true advantage to using the platform.

In this webinar, find out how PostgreSQL extensions can help you find solutions to some of your common problems.

Register now and to join on August 22nd


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Ordered Columnstore Indexes in SQL Server 2022

One of the more challenging technical details of columnstore indexes that regularly gets attention is the need for data to be ordered to allow for segment elimination. In a non-clustered columnstore index, data order is automatically applied based on the order of the underlying rowstore data. In a clustered columnstore index, though, data order is not enforced by any SQL Server process. This leaves managing data order to us, which may or may not be an easy task.


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Standard Sponsor Rates End August 30!

Secure your Sponsorship package before the rates go up. PASS Data Community Summit 2023 is where the database community meets every year to make life-long connections with peers, network with industry leaders, and advance their careers. With over 170 technical sessions, and a great line-up of sponsors, this is your time to secure your space before August 30 and get a preferred booth location.



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