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Database Workbench 2.4 released

Database Workbench, a cross database engine development tool, version 2.4 has been released today, 11/10/2003. It now includes support for MySQL and has an extensive list of bugfixes and small enhancements with regard to InterBase, Firebird and MS SQL Server support.


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myLittleAdmin v2.5 available is pleased to announce the release of its web-based MS SQL and MSDE database administration tool. Several tools have been added, including "BackUp and Restore database" tools, "CSV Import" tool, "Generate INSERT scripts" tool, "Detach/attach database" tool. Several toys have also been added, including the possibility to display database space used with SVG graph, or a new skin.


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How to use the new function fn_get_sql() ?

This article shows you how to use the new function fn_get_sql() and the 3 new columns of master.dbo.sysprocesses. These changes were introduced in SQL Server 2000 SP3/SP3A. In this article, you will find a general purpose stored procedure called ShowCodeLine. It makes use of these new features, to inspect a given spid, and display the currently executing line/query


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Power BI Monthly Digest – September 2020


In this month’s Power BI Digest Matt and I will again guide you through...

[MSSQLTips] Visual Studio 2019 Configuration for the Production DBA


Happy Tuesday everyone… Today I am honored to have my first article published on...

Daily Coping 22 Sep 2020


I started to add a daily coping tip to the SQLServerCentral newsletter and to...

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