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Quest Central For SQL Server (Freeware)

Quest Central® for SQL Server is an integrated database management solution designed to enable administrators to manage complex database environments and simplify everyday tasks. Quest Central for SQL Server provides DBAs with a set of tools to achieve higher levels of availability and reliability, leverage and extend native SQL Server administration capabilities, and adds multi-server and change management capabilities to make database management easier.


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Enhanced Query Analyzer

Here's a little replacement for Query Analyzer that appears to provide most of the functions, plus a few more. While we haven't given it a full review, at first glance it appears to do the job. Plus there's NO INSTALL!!!! Always a plus for me.


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Lumigent Technologies Delivers Data Auditing Solution for Microsoft SQ

Lumigent Technologies today announced that they are a recommended supplier to provide data auditing solutions for risk management to customers of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 through their Entegra product. Enterprises that depend on SQL Server databases can now rely on Entegra as a trusted auditing solution to enable compliance with regulatory requirements.


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Social: Going Along to Get Along


It’s the eve of the Fourth of July, when the Declaration of Independence is...

Daily Coping 3 Jul 2020


I’ve started to add a daily coping tip to the SQLServerCentral newsletter and to...

Using Docker Volumes for SQL Server in Linux


No, not that kind of volume! Over the past couple of blog posts, I...

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is Clustered Columnstore index UNIQUE by default?

By VoldemarG

Or should I explicitly specify 'CREATE UNIQUE CLUSTERED COLUMNSTORE INDEX....' ? If I don't...

Availability Groups with Docker Containers

By rafaelrodrigues

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