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The 2011 SQLServerCentral Party at the PASS Summit


Come Enjoy the Party

Once again SQLServerCentral is hosting a party at the 2011 PASS Summit. We have a gaming theme again and will have lots of prizes on Tuesday night in the Washington State Convention Center.

The event will be from 8-10pm after the opening PASS reception. We have booked a gaming company to host a casino themed party and we'll be randomly handing out dozen's of prizes during the fun. If you've attended in the past, you know it's a great time to laugh and compete with your fellow data professionals and gt a little networking done.

Come join us and have some fun before the sessions start on Wednesday 

The Details

When: Tuesday 11 October 2011, 8-11pm

Where: PASS Summit, Seattle – Room 2AB, Washington State Convention Center

Tickets required.

We will have a cash bar available for those that would like refreshments.


In the past we've used a referral code with PASS to give free admissions to people that use the code. This year we weren't able to work out an agreement with PASS, but we have decided to rent the room and hold the party anyway. We have subsidized the party with help from Red Gate Software, but are selling tickets to cover the many prizes we hand out. 

You have two choices for tickets:

We won't have tickets in badges this year, but we'll have a list of those people that have paid at the door. The current list of people with tickets is available here


Once again Steve will be going to Best Buy and a few other stores for a massive prize shipping trip. It's a lot of fun for him and while we're not sure what he will be handing out this year, we've handed out these in the past:

  • Popular geeky DVDs (sci-fi, thrillers)
  • Sci-Fi books that Steve Jones likes
  • Portable game machines
  • Nintendo DSes
  • iPod shuffles and nanos
  • Digital photo frames
  • Eye-Fi SD cards
  • Kindles
  • XBOX 360s
  • Video cameras
  •  and more fun gifts from ThinkGeek

We're not sure what will be there, but there will be dozens of prizes, most given away randomly to those that are having fun at the tables.

Join us for the Exceptional DBA Awards party!

As a part of the event we will be presenting the award for the 2011 Exceptional DBA during the party at 9:00. We will take a short break from gaming to present the award and hear from the winner and then toast the winner with a drink.

I can't reveal the winner just yet, but it's someone deserves the award and was highly rated by the judges and the community.

Come join us for a casino, cash bar and lots of prizes – see you there!


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