SQLServerCentral To Take Over PASS

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  • Andy/Steve, you got me on that one!!! Ha ha!! And the link didn't open up till two hours until now. Ha ha!! Great one.

  • I thought to myself: "Wow. Looks like PASS is getting PASS-ed around like a peace pipe!"

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  • "You can also paypal $30 to sjones@sqlservercentral.com for a ticket as well."

    Hahahaha, brilliant!

  • Sorry for the delays on this one. I mistakenly didn't publish it and it wasn't ready until the am.

    The Paypal note actually isn't a joke. We sold tickets last year and it went over well.

  • It didn't open, I panicked and emailed Greg Low/CCEvents on how this would change the numerous things we are doing around chapters all over the world :))) Just a bigger joke.

  • Dammit. This is of course the first thing I read when I opened up my email, so I didn't even have the April 1st context in my head yet. I re-read the first two paragraphs a couple of times trying to decide if I liked it or not before continuing on!

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  • Very funny guys...

  • Yes, It's my understanding that Bill Gates will be named the first President of the combined organization.

    Lets welcome Bill!

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  • I keep looking for SSC's hostile takeover over SQL Server from MS. 🙂

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  • Not sure I want to joke about us taking over SQL Server development, they might buy us and make us help! :hehe::-P:w00t:

  • Great post. Didn't get me on the joke since my mind was set right this morning but good job on the post! 🙂


  • Hey Steve..

    Any chance to taking over SQL Server also from MS??;-)

  • For a minute I really did believe the prank and was going "Kudos to SSC for pulling off such a coup of PASS!" but again it was just a prank. Still, kudos for a very believable April Fool's joke 😛


  • You guys never cease to amaze me!

    I wonder if I could do a reverse post on the PASS website, which states that in a last minute turn-around, redgate had sold SQLServerCentral to PASS. What should we name this? SQLPASSServerCentral.com?

    In the very same vein, the PASS Board of Directors got an email from the Board Member responsible for IT this afternoon, which included his immediate resignation... He has only been in this role for 4 months, but it is a very demanding role... I spent my lunch hour working on alternatives for PASS, to keep us moving.

    At the very bottom of his email, in small letters

    P.S. April Fools!

    I hate beeing gullible!... You guys have a great day!

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