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Are You On the List?

By Press Release, (first published: 2011/10/05)

It's time for the 2011 SQLServerCentral Party at the PASS Summit in Seattle. The party takes place at 8:00pm on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 in room 2AB in the Washington State Convention Center. We will have a company catering casino games and a cash bar along with lots of prizes. Please come by if you would like to join us, meet some other SQLServerCentral community members, and celebrate the 2011 Exceptional DBA, Jeff Moden.

You can read the announcement here.


We are selling tickets for $20 in advance. If you send $20 via Paypal to sjones at sqlservercentral dot com (replace the at with "@" and "dot" with "."), you will get an email confirmation and will be added to the list below.

If you are not sure if you would like to attend, or prefer to pay cash, we will accept $30 at the door for each person attending. If you are coming to the networking event on Monday night at Lowells, you can also pay Steve Jones $20 then.

Our apologies for not having a code to get in free this year, but we could not work out an acceptable arrangement with PASS.

The Current List

As of Oct 9, 2011, 4:00pm. I will update this periodically. If you have paid and are not on the list, please contact Steve Jones or the webmaster.

Aaron Collins
Adam Clark
Adam Durr
Adrian Aucoin Jr
Al Shuler (PASS, 10)
Alan Cranfield
Andrew Cross
Andrew Varner
Andy Leonard (2)
Anita Olsen
Anthony Mendo
Ashton Hobbs
Bradley Gall
Brandon Tucker
Brent Ozar
Brian Allen
Brian Barrett
Chad Crawford
Chris Bolyard
Chris Luttrell
Christopher Clements
Christopher Kramer
Colin Stasiuk
Cristin Flick
Crystal Shaw
Damodaran Venkatesan
Dale Hughes
Dan McClain
Dan Rogers
Daniel Scholes
Darcy Williams
Dave Schutz
David Easley
David Howard
David Moutray
David Smithey
Davis Rogers
Derek Kromm
Diane McNurlan
Don Keily
Don Zeller
Douglas Dpete
Ed Zahn
Edward Wuerch
Filipe Miranda
Frank Cole
Gabriel Tan
Gail Shaw
George Cherian
Gil Rowley
Gina Kiatta
Ivan Dixon
James Hemenway
James Steiner 
Jamie Greenhough
Jarom Richardson
Jay Albers
Jeff Moden
Jeremy Odom
Jes Borland
Jim Murphy
Joe Tier
Johan Bijens
John Clark
John Dempsey
John Halunen
John Miller
Jonathon Stewart
Joseph Fleming
Jukka Katajisto
Ken Trock
Kenneth Fisher
Kerry Tyler
Kevin Boles
Kevin Zakowski
Kitty Sethi
Kris Huehne
Laura Duffy 
Leonard Murphy
Lisa Woerner
Luke Hayler
Manja Ehrenmueller-Jensen
Marciej Pilecki
Mark Gordon
Mark Johnson
Mark Rasmussen
Mark Stacey
Mark Tabladillo
Mark Waelterman
Markus Ehrenmueller-Jensen
Martin Schoombee
Matt Donahue
Matthew Knutson
Megan Murphy
Melissa Field
Michael Esposito
Michael Heindel
Michael Anderson
Michael Berry
Michael Flakus
Michael Kaplan
Michael Lawell
Mike Rowe
Mladen Prajdic
Monica Rathbun
Neil Hambly
Oded Bet-Av
Pam Shaw
Paul Adamson
Paul Adamson
Piotr Palka
Randy Knight
Randy Rabin
Richard Darrell Smith
Richard Davis
Richard Kong
Rob Sullivan
Robert Alexander
Robert Cain
Robert Canzonire
Robert Ray
Robert Rich
Robert Turner
Roy Ernest
Russell Johnson
Ryan Adams
Ryan Hennig
Samir Wadhawan
Sankar Muthuvelayutham
Scott Schommer
Shannon Norgard
Sheila Peterson
Sherrie Mann
Steve Wake
Steven Cusick
Susan Shafer
Tamara Clark
Teresa Burger
Terrance Williams
Theresa Duffy
Theresa Iserman
Thomas LaBlanc
Tim Klein
Tim Mitchell
Tim Radney
TJay Belt
Todd Arbogast 
Todd Robinson
Tony Elsmore
Tracy Hamlin
Troy Ketsever
Troy Schuh
Wayne Clemmer
Wayne Sheffield
Wes Brown
Wendy Pastrick
William Culler
William Jennings
William Sisney
Zachary Birge

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